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Welcome to the official companion website of the most progressive book ever written about health and wellness

Transformative Nutrition:

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living

It’s all real…I am not a robot who is just echoing recycled outdated nutritional information to you. I am also not a twig who has always been in shape his whole life either. I know what it’s like to be overweight, and I know what it’s like to struggle through the process of losing weight. I have overcome some pretty adverse health problems and emotional situations, so I have a thing or two to say about health issues like that. I am not going to share any kooky dietary theories with you.

My book is not about diets or dieting. There is no pressure to become a vegan or vegetarian, or even adopt a heavy meat or protein eating plan. I do not believe in diets like that or any diets in general for that matter. In fact, my book is the exact opposite of what a diet book is. When considering advice and recommendations from someone, it is imperative to go with someone who has actually reached similar goals you want to achieve. I often question the credibility of people giving nutritional advice who have never struggled with their weight or experienced any other similar health issues to what you may be having. They are probably not going to understand or be able to relate to the things that come up for you. Unfortunately, I am often observing the blind leading the blind in the health and nutrition world. Instead, you should strongly consider following a leader who has already traveled the road you are on. I have the experience that can help you navigate a steady and successful course.

The purpose of my book is to have you look at all areas of your life and start taking responsibility for how you feel, how you look, and how you live. Please read my true story about how I overcame obesity, cured severe sleep apnea, lowered my high blood pressure, and reversed advanced gum disease. I highly recommend reading my upcoming book. I go into full detail about all of the health transformations I experienced and also how you can easily apply all of the knowledge I am sharing. You can learn more about health coaching or my approach to healthy and balanced living as well.

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Be Balanced. Live Healthy.