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Welcome to the official companion website of:

Transformative Nutrition

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living

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This website was created to connect readers whose lives were touched, moved, or inspired by the book. I encourage people to reach out and network with each other, so we can create a healthy and balanced community of empowered people. I will be sharing various things such as: recipe ideas, recommended product reviews, free giveaways, article blog posts, inspiring photos and quotes, and much, much more.

I dedicate this site to you; yes you – the person reading these words. You are amazing and beautiful and worthy of everything you want to manifest in life. Please share the love and spread it with no reserve…

What if there was a diet-free solution to your health and weight loss issues? Transformative Nutrition presents a groundbreaking and progressive approach to balanced living. You will uncover the root of your obstacles and create a personalized health-and-wellness plan that fits your body’s specific wants and needs.

Cutting through today’s nutrition fads and conflicting opinions, holistic health coach and author Michael Tamez shares how he reversed his severe sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and advanced gum disease while overcoming obesity. This invaluable guide will encourage you to listen to your body and discover your own answers. As inspiring as it is insightful, Transformative Nutrition is a guide to whole-body wellness that not only addresses weight loss and reversing physical illness, but gets to the heart of your mental and emotional issues, as well.

No matter how impossible it may seem; you deserve, and can achieve, a healthy and balanced life. Discover the simple, practical steps that will ensure you accomplish your goals. Are you ready to live a healthy and balanced life?

The purpose of my book is to have you look at all areas of your life and start taking responsibility for how you feel, how you look, and how you live. You can learn more about health coaching or my approach to healthy and balanced living as well.

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Be Balanced. Live Healthy.

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Be Balanced. Live Healthy.